Use proximity marketing to engage your customers with unique creatives and messages. Say “Hello” or “Seasons Greetings” to clients passing by your shop. Convince your customers to visit your shop more often by offering them tailored loyalty programs. Manage your loyalty programs from one platform. Help customers save time by offering the right products at the right time.


Engage your customers and reward them for their business with loyalty programs, whether through personalized, real time generated coupons or shopping club loyalty points. Encourage your customers to purchase your products with real time generated cross-device messages. Attract your customers with new product lines or new collections and offer them complimentary or matching products.


Show your customers that you care, that you recognize their needs, that you appreciate their loyalty to your brand. Deliver personalized communications and loyalty programs (coupons, shopping club, etc.) to help your customers save time and money. Use non-intrusive marketing and sales communications that match the customer’s needs, based on their online and offline shopping activities.


Log your customer’s online and offline activities and display this data on an integrated concierge panel and store manager dashboard.
Create fast access to each customer’s e-commerce and offline store visits history, purchase history, average shopping basket value, client communication history and much more. Learn and understand your customer’s journey so you can offer the right product or service at the right time.


Facilitate information flow between online and offline venues. Collect your end user data offline and online, from all channels and devices. Manage data transfer between online and offline locations. Create unique customer profiles and reach your customers with engaging communications on all devices at all stages of their journey.


Increase your marketing ROI, reduce sales costs, and escalate conversion rates by applying more effective, personalized campaigns.
Build your cross-device marketing campaigns and use the data on your customer’s shopping patterns to define your store displays. Use RTB Tracker’s proximity technology to plan and implement cross-device marketing campaigns based on personalized rich media creatives and advanced campaign strategies.


Share the story behind your business or your products using shop floor proximity marketing.
Whether your product is a custom made tracksuit, handmade furniture or healthy organic food, you can communicate the uniqueness of your products via proximity communication. Engage your customers with intriguing pictures or videos presenting the artistry or materials used to create the product. Use your imagination, creativity and know-how to design the storytelling content displayed real time on your shop floor. The content is stored remotely and no download is required.
Proximity Technology and Indoor Location for Many Areas of Life

“Our platform is based on Bluetooth and Beacon technologies. This gives our sales points an opportunity to connect with our clients in an exciting and engaging way. This new set of abilities allows us to interact with our users in real time. We are capable of transmitting important content pertaining to our offer in a personalized way using three channels (offline, online, and mobile.) We use a modern high-tech connection comprised of Bluetooth/Proximity Marketing and Beacon Technology with the use of our mobile application. This means that upon entering our stores the client will instantly receive a message on their smart phone. The message will include information concerning the physical locations of products they have previously looked up in the web-store. Product descriptions, and/or individual offers will also be included in these messages. All of this based on their prior purchases and preferences”

Grzegorz Trzeciak, Co-Founder of RICCARDO

„We’re excited to have the Riccardo Application as a finalist in our Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards. The award program continues to grow with quality submissions each year. It is inspiring to see how companies, start-ups, and hobbyists are leveraging the flexibility, scale, and trust of a globally recognized standard in Bluetooth Smart to redefine the possibilities with wireless connections. Our finalists truly showcase how Bluetooth Smart is delivering the promise of the Internet of Things to make our lives more convenient, smarter, and better”

Mark Powell, Executive Director of the Bluetooth SIG

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RTB Tracker’s multichannel strategy is the perfect method for enhancing the customer experience. By building a detailed profile based on customers’ online and offline shopping behaviors and preferences, we give every retailer the ability to create a unique journey for each customer. We achieve this goal with full respect and consideration for both the retailer’s business growth expectations (increase of ROI, ROAS, etc.) and the customer’s right to and expectation of privacy and personal data protection.

Pawel Mizgalski

Slawek Kluczewski, CEO RTB Tracker