Bluetooth CES

Proximity Technology and Indoor Location for Many Areas of Life

Navigation and Location systems have become an inherent part of the modern life.
The RTB Tracker technology reaches where the GPS signals cannot, as it has been designed
to precisely navigate and locate objects and people indoors.

There are many areas in which indoor positioning may be applied.
Our solutions open up new development possibilities for many businesses.


Personalised offers and customer discounts for certain products or product categories

Locating a customer in the shop, personalising and building their profile, responding to their needs

Providing information on a customer to the shop employees

Post-sales support, warranties, vouchers, discounts, providing information on special offers and events

Customer recommendations for future customers

Shortening the service time and improving the service quality

Shop/shopping arcade navigation

Monitoring the quality of the inside traffic and gauging the interest in the offer

Swift responses of the shop/arcade's personnel/staff to the needs of the customers

Engaging the users in loyalty campaigns, contests, gamifications and recommendations


ShopHealth Care

Patient - information

Automatic appointments at a specialist's, providing information on the estimated waiting timeand on the length of the queue

Personalised information for the patients

Informing and reminding of examinations, tests, treatments, surgeries and check-ups

Navigation of the facility – hospital, clinic, guide, lift information, maps of the facility,
the operating/treatment room locations

The use of Bluetooth sensor bands makes it possible to monitor the bodily functions of a patient,such as their pulse or body heat

Patient - promotion

Loyalty campaigns for the patients, providing information on special offers, personalising information

Providing information on free examinations and tests (such as mammography)

Promoting special events for the patients, such as open days for pregnant women


Hospital- Clinic

Automation of the procedures for making appointments at a specialist's

The medical staff and the doctors monitor the current situation in the hospital; interaction with patients becomes more efficient and faster (admissions, laboratories)

Locating patients

Managing and communicating with the staff

Location and tracking of medical equipment

Gathering information on a patient

Automation of the procedures for making appointments at a specialist's

Reference materials, maps of the facilities, detailed information on the lifts and guides for the disabled



Locating entrances, exits, departure and arrival terminals, gates

Providing information on flights, delays, arrivals, departures and check-in times

Location and navigation for the airport and its neighbouring car parks

Locating food courts, cafés, restaurants, shops, toilets and information desks

Personalising the messages, announcements and tourist information; providing information
on events, airline offers and special offers

Monitoring the luggage

Monitoring and locating traffic near the security gates

Managing the safety of the passengers

Monitoring and locating the traffic at the check-ins

Providing information on baggage reclaim

Ability to check the time necessary for reaching a specific part of the airport,
or the queuing times for check-ins

Receiving personalised offers from the shops, bookshops etc.



Customer - information | promotion

Navigation and location to the venue of the event

Navigating the venue of the event:

  • ability to quickly find one's seat at the venue
  • locating food corners, souvenir shops, information booths and other important places

Active participation in the contests and games organised for the spectators during the event
activation for online navigation

Connecting with other participants of the event through social channels and chatrooms,
recommending the event, online broadcasting

Navigation of the venue and its vicinity, bars, hotels, car parks

Engaging in gamifications during the event and afterwards



Automatic checking of the e-tickets

Recommending the event, online broadcasting

Distributing the content related to the event and the materials from the sponsors, artists, or players

Receiving vouchers for other events and shopping; free information pamphlets


ShopHotel Industry

Customer - information | promotion

Virtual Concierge

Providing information on the available seats and rooms

Automated registration process, e.g. while queueing

Navigation of the facility, lobby, bar, pool, sauna etc.

Remote ordering of services, meals, or waiters

Promotional information, sending offers outside of the facilit

Navigating the attractions near the facility, providing information on the transport, restaurants,
pubs and concerts

Ability to make reservations/bookings at nearby tourist attractions; using vouchers and discounts



Automatic booking for a recognised guest who is approaching the facility

Personalised offers, adjusted to one's expectations and preferences; restaurant services,
such as serving one's favourite wine, special snack, recommending the dishes that the guest likes

Building relationships with users and regular customers - engaging with loyalty campaigns

Promotional information, sending offers outside of the facility



Ability to tour around the exhibition on one's own

  • personalising language and other options
  • automatically starting podcasts and descriptions of a given exhibition
  • ability to select the viewing route on one's own

Navigating the facility

Providing information on queues, their length and waiting times

Easy navigation to information desks, restaurants and toilets

Providing information on future events, ability to book for other events

Ability to interact, write comments and exchange content between the visitorsWeather information


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RTB Tracker’s multichannel strategy is the perfect method for enhancing the customer experience. By building a detailed profile based on customers’ online and offline shopping behaviors and preferences, we give every retailer the ability to create a unique journey for each customer. We achieve this goal with full respect and consideration for both the retailer’s business growth expectations (increase of ROI, ROAS, etc.) and the customer’s right to and expectation of privacy and personal data protection.

Sławomir Kluczewski

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